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The “Take Care of Texas” Guide to Yard Care

Plant Selection and Care

Using native and well-adapted plants is one of the easiest ways to create a low-maintenance and environmentally sound yard.

The many advantages of using native plants include using less water, reducing the need for soil modification, and using little or no fertilizer. They are less susceptible to pest problems, and are tolerant of stressful environments such as drought.
Incorporate a variety of plants to provide food and cover for a variety of living things.  Diversity also minimizes damage from pests because many of them attack only one plant species.  Dense plantings can provide shade that keeps out invading weeds.
Avoid frequent or deep cultivation, which can damage plant roots, dry out the soil, disturb healthy soil organisms, and bring weed seeds to the surface where they can germinate.  Cover all bare soil between plants with a solid mulch layer.
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