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The Bodnar Team distributes free publications and educational materials in an outreach initiative of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality directed at individual Texans.  

​Our efforts to make materials available to our communities is on-going.  Through June 31, 2014 we distributed over 15,000 publications to homeowners and schools.

The following publications are available for homeowners:

What Do I Do With It Now? - A quick guide to recycling resources.

​Click here for publication.

Take Care of Texas Guide to Yard Care -Helps you maintain a healthy yard, save money, and take care of our state's varied landscapes. Click here for publication.

Managing Lawn Problems in Texas - Brief guide to choosing your turf, managing your lawn, and solving common lawn problems. Click here for publication.

Managing 10 Common Texas Yard Pests - Learn environmentally friendly ways to get rid of these 10 common Texas yard pests. Click here for publication.

Mulching and Composting - Quick tips to save money, time, and effort and help your community by mulching and composting. Click here for publication.

Landscape Irrigation - Brief guide to developing a water-efficient landscape, including tips on using good water techniques and choosing irrigation systems. Click here for publication.

Rainwater Harvesting with Rain Barrels- Learn how to construct a rain barrel and harvest rainwater in your own yard. Click here for publication.

If you would like to request a hard copy of the Take Care of
Texas brochures, provide your contact information and address.